Raks Bobbie

Professional Belly Dance & Instruction                                                                                                       Victoria, BC


“Raks” (pronounced rocks) is the Arabic word for dance.  “Raks Sharqi” literally means “dance of the east” or “dance of the orient” and refers to what North Americans recognize or know as belly dance.  “Raks Bobbie” means “Bobbie’s Dance.”


A resident of Victoria, BC, Bobbie is passionate about Middle Eastern Belly Dance and has been studying this beautiful and expressive art form for thirteen years.  Under the tutelage of her first teacher she began performing as a soloist and troupe member, choreographing and teaching.  She then studied and danced for two years with Nath Keo, an internationally celebrated artist and dancer.  In 2008 she formed Bashirah Middle Eastern Dance Company and opened Bashirah Middle Eastern Dance Studio in September 2009.  She currently studies with Sadie Marquardt.

Bobbie has taken workshops and classes with Aziza, Magdy El Leisy, Yasmina Ramzy, Jalilah, Tamalyn Dallal, Tamra-henna, Jim Boz, Angelika Nemeth, Hadia, Bellydance Superstars Ansuya, Samantha Emanuel and Bozenka, Aubre Hill, Dance Diva Paola Blanton, Mira Betz, Sadie, Shimmy Queen Ranya Renee, the legendary Morocco and Egyptian greats like Tito & Aida Nour.

Bobbie & Belly Dance

Photo: Laura Scotten


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