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Fall Class Descriptions

Professional Belly Dance Performance & Instruction                                                                                                                 Victoria, BC

Monday - Essentials Online:

Prefer to take your dance class during the daytime?  Then this is the class for you!  Focusing on the essential building block movements, transitions and travelling steps of belly dance, we will drill and work on short combinations to build confidence in skill and personal style .

Monday - Drills, Drills, Drills (Online):

Want to relax your shimmies, put some juice in your oomies and undulations, develop elegant arms and hands, smooth out your transition and get the hang of layering with confidence . . . ?  This class is all about drilling, drilling, drilling to develop articulation, strength and stamina.

Monday - Advanced (Studio):

This is an invite-only class.  We will cotinue working on the zill choreography we started in the spring as well as rehearsing Khaleegy and Melaya choreographies from workshops.

Tuesday - Veil Vibes (Studio):

Get acquainted with different types of veil materials, learn the difference between how the they are used in American Cabaret and raqs sharqi.  Learn some common veil wraps and 'tricks' as well as the most effective ways to utilize them so that the veil becomes an extension of your body as it expresses the music.  You will learn to improvise your own veil dance.  Veils will be provided for use in class.

Tuesday - Mixed Level - FAST (Online):

This class will continue working with Murat Sakaryalı & Yaşar Akpençe's version of 'Ghanny Li Shewaya' (Sing to me, A Little). We will begin where we left off so you do NOT need to know the first portion of the song to attend the class.  However, if there is time we will review the first portion of the song for those who learned it during the June/July online class sessions.

Wednesday - Sword Skills (Studio):

Based on interest and request, this class will help you develop the posture, balance and movement vocabulary appropriate for dancing with a sword.  Those skills will then be applied for improvisation and/or we may build a collaborative class choreography.  Swords will be provided for class use.

Thursday - Intermediate Level Up - (Studio):

For beginners with at least a year of classes under their bedlah and intermediate dancers looking to aim for more polish and performance-worthy dance skills.  We will learn a choreography to a short three-minute version of 'Ya Wahshni (New Edit).'

Thursday - Combos on Repeat (Online):

This class will help you gain recognition and understanding of some common belly dance rhythms.  The focus will be on one rhythm at a time over several weeks.  We will work on a combination that can be repeated over and over, allowing you to layer, change arm patterns, adjust body angles and add slight variations to develop your personal style.

Private Class Options - (Studio or Online):

Do you feel like you need some one on one coaching for technique, performance skills, or choreography creation?  A private class is a great way to hone into what you need to do to reach your personal dance goals. Bashirah students receive a 50% discount on the private class fee.

Note: Class format includes warm up, technique drills, and cool down.  Cultural context,       

             musicality and stylization are addressed at all levels.


Photo: Kirk Schwartz

Photo: Tara Benninger

Photo: Kirk Schwartz